Announcing the Launch of the Second Annual CAS Student Central Summer Program

The CAS Student Central Summer Program is returning for its second year to host an eight-week interactive professional and educational experience for university students. This free online program, designed by practicing actuaries, will support students’ career growth by providing technical and soft skill development, as well as mentorships and networking opportunities.

The program, originally established to fill the void created by cancelled internships last summer, was so well received, that student participants and mentors resoundingly recommended it be held again! Here are some highlights participants shared with us:

“This summer program provided an invaluable experience, from the weekly presentations and exercises to the mentor meetings. These all contributed in improving my technical and communication skills.”

“I learned about real techniques that actuaries use for pricing and reserving that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned. The mentor and student cohort meetings allowed us to exchange ideas about the material from the week and learn more about the actuarial field from our mentors.”

2021 Program Details

The program will run from Monday, June 14 – Friday, August 6. Over the course of the eight-week program participants will:

  • Complete weekly modules that focus on a variety of property and casualty actuarial topics including pricing, reserving, and data visualization.
  • Connect and network with mentors for weekly discussions as students advance through the program.
  • Build important soft skills, such as presentation skills, resume/interview prep, professional courtesies and more!
  • Work on teams with other students on a case competition addressing a real-life actuarial problem, and present their final projects to a panel of practicing actuaries. There will be cash prizes for the winning teams.

Participants will spend approximately 10 hours a week participating in the program and are expected to attend the program in its eight-week entirety. Presentations and materials will be in English. Participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate by the CAS documenting their accomplishment.

Who Should Apply?

The program is geared towards university students who are interested in gaining actuarial experience and knowledge of the property and casualty insurance industry. It is an exciting development opportunity for students who do not have an internship lined up for summer 2021. We welcome applications from across the globe.

We encourage students at schools without actuarial programs, as well as those who recently learned about the actuarial career, to apply. This program will also be beneficial to students who attend an actuarial program but have had limited exposure to property and casualty topics or limited access to actuarial internships.

The CAS Student Central Summer Program is also open to career changers who have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing the actuarial career path.

The CAS strongly encourages students that identify with groups historically under-represented in STEM professions, including Women, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, to apply.

There will be a similar version of this program offered in Mandarin Chinese, and the application for that program will be released later this spring. Students interested in participating in that program should not apply for the English language version.

Application Information:

Interested students should submit an application form by March 19th. Please note, we require one recommendation letter submitted within the application.

In order to provide the best possible mentoring and networking experience to participants, space in the mentored program is limited. Strong consideration will be given to candidates with limited access to actuarial science coursework or formal internship programs.

Applicants will be notified no later than April 9th as to the status of their application.

Because space is limited, applicants who are not offered a spot within the mentor-led program will have the opportunity to participate in the CAS Student Central Independent Summer Program, a self-paced alternative covering the same materials. The independent program includes an online forum for participants to pose questions, connect with each other, and obtain guidance. It excludes the case competition, and weekly mentor discussions. Applicants interested in applying specifically for the CAS Student Central Independent Summer Program should also complete the application form above.

Questions? Please email us at

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CAS Spring Meeting Student Program - Group Photo

Attend CAS Student Program at the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar in Anaheim, CA!

The Casualty Actuarial Society is offering a Student Program at this year’s Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar (CLRS) in Anaheim, CA on September 6, 2018.  Members of CAS Student Central are invited to participate in this FREE one-day program!

Attend the CAS Student Program for the opportunity to:

  • Enhance your knowledge on reserving and the property and casualty industry.
  • Network with practicing actuaries.
  • Participate in both regular seminar sessions and student-specific sessions.
  • Be mentored by CAS members, who will provide guidance on the actuarial career and help navigate the seminar while you network and attend sessions together.

If you would like to register to attend the CLRS Student Program, please contact Tamar Gertner, CAS University Engagement Manager at There are a limited number of spaces, so we recommend you reach out early!

Anaheim Marriott
700 West Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

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CAS Student Central Webinar – Predictive Analytics and Your Actuarial Career – Recording Now Available!

The CAS hosted its spring webinar for Student Central members on Predictive Analytics and Your Actuarial Career. The webinar provides information on how to leverage the data all around us in new ways. It was developed to provide an update on how to get started in predictive analytics using various steps, tools and resources.

The webinar recording is now available for viewing in the CAS Student Central Online Community.

Webinar Presenters

Meghan Goldfarb, FCAS, MAAA, CPCU, CSPA, Research Manager at State Farm
Chris Gross, ACAS, MAAA, Founder of Gross Consulting

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Get to Know The CAS Institute

CAS Student Central sat down with Amy Brener, director of The CAS Institute (iCAS), to get responses to some of your frequently asked questions about iCAS and the Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA) credential.

What is The CAS Institute?

The CAS Institute – or iCAS for short – is a subsidiary of the CAS. It was formed in 2015 to provide new specialty credentials for both actuaries and non-actuaries in the insurance industry.

What is the CSPA credential?

“CSPA” stands for Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics. It’s the first credential being offered by The CAS Institute. The CSPA provides evidence of practical knowledge in applied predictive analytics and data science. Professionals who pursue the CSPA do not need to be actuaries.

How does the CSPA differ from actuarial credentials?

All iCAS credentials, including the CSPA, are designed for any professional seeking recognition in specialized quantitative practice areas related to traditional actuarial work, such as predictive analytics, data science and catastrophe model analytics. The credentials are intended to stand on their own for data analytics professionals, but they also serve as a complement to actuarial training for actuaries working in more technical analytics roles.

iCAS actually recently released a short video that outlines details about the credential, including the story behind its creation and the basic requirements. The video also features interviews with data science professionals talking about the CSPA. Details about the CSPA requirements are available on our website.

Should I, as a university student, consider pursuing and earning an iCAS credential?

iCAS programs are not designed to be “entry-level” credentials. These credentials are designed for experienced professionals already working in specialized quantitative practice areas in the insurance sector or closely related sectors such as banking, risk management and capital markets. Professional experience provides the necessary on-the-job training and applied knowledge required to become credentialed by The CAS Institute. After obtaining experience through an industry position, iCAS credentials can help you stand out in a competitive job market by demonstrating mastery of the technical skills needed for success in a rapidly-changing field. A professional credentialing program provides benefits over graduate programs or boot camps in these complementary specialty areas because you can gain experience applying skills outside the classroom environment, which could include developing practical, real-world examples for your portfolio.

Should actuarial majors pursue iCAS credentials?

Actuarial students are not a target population for iCAS credentials, so I wouldn’t necessarily encourage actuarial majors to pursue iCAS credentials while in school. The credentialed actuary pathway is very specific and rigorous. It requires students to complete actuarial-related coursework and pass actuarial exams while gaining work experience through actuarial internships and training programs. Once you’re in a professional role and credentialed as an actuary, then you’ll get the experience and knowledge you’ll need to earn an iCAS credential.

How should I prepare to become certified by iCAS in data science and predictive analytics?

If you’re studying data science, computer science, statistics, and predictive analytics, you’ll be able to get a job in a specialized quantitative practice area upon graduation. What you’ve learned in school, coupled with on-the-job experience, will help position you to earn iCAS credentials down the road.

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CAS Participates in The Pipeline, the Insurance Industry’s First Virtual Career Fair, Presented by Gamma Iota Sigma


The Casualty Actuarial Society participated in The Pipeline Virtual Career Fair on February 13, 2018, joining insurance industry employers and organizations in connecting with students pursuing careers in  insurance. The event was organized by Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), the insurance industry’s premier collegiate talent pipeline, in conjunction with Insurance Careers Month. The Pipeline Virtual Career Fair was offered to students at no cost, and was attended by 700 students from both GIS chapter schools as well as nearly 50 additional schools. Nearly 1,400 interviews were completed in the five hours the event was running.

GIS Chief Executive Officer Noelle Codispoti noted, “Our firsthand experiences with our industry partners help to shape the programming we provide, and that’s no different when it comes to the industry’s need to meet the talent gap head-on. We see the need, we hear the industry demand, and we are helping to hone the talent solution through our ever-expanding network of students and chapters. All of these factors converged for us to make a meaningful contribution to Insurance Careers Month by doing what we do best: connecting top collegiate talent to opportunities in the industry through thoughtful and strategic collaboration.”

CAS University Engagement Manager Tamar Gertner said of CAS’s participation, “We want to thank GIS for organizing this innovative event, and spearheading a new way to connect with university students. As a Sustaining Partner of Gamma Iota Sigma, we appreciated the opportunity to participate in this event. The virtual career fair platform offered the CAS a chance to communicate with a number of students from a variety of universities, answering questions about the actuarial career path and the credentialing process, and sharing details about the resources and benefits offered through CAS Student Central, our free student membership program.”

The next Gamma Iota Sigma career fair will be held in conjunction with their Annual International Conference, scheduled for October 4-6, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.




The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) is a leading international organization for credentialing and professional education. Founded in 1914, the CAS is the world’s only actuarial organization focused exclusively on property and casualty risks and serves over 8,000 members worldwide. Professionals educated by the CAS empower business and government to make well-informed strategic, financial and operational decisions.


About Gamma Iota Sigma

Incorporated in 1965 and boasting an annual membership of over 4,000 students at 76 colleges and universities throughout North America, Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) is the industry’s premier collegiate talent pipeline and has over 50 years of history of engaging students and preparing them for careers in insurance. GIS is the only organization of its kind and is the solution to the industry’s talent gap issue, pursuing a mission to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance. GIS is committed to growing the number of highly qualified students entering the industry; to that end, the number of GIS students and active chapters has more than doubled in recent years and continues to grow. In partnership with Sustaining Partners, corporate supporters,

professional organizations, and trade associations, the full spectrum of GIS programming provides its members with meaningful interaction with the industry, as well as the tools to pursue and succeed in an insurance career. For more information, visit:

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New Benefit for Members of CAS Student Central: Access to Predictive Modeling Software!

We are excited to announce that through a partnership with Gross Consulting, members of CAS Student Central are being granted exclusive access to predictive modeling software called Cognalysis MultiRate™. This software is described by Gross Consulting as “a powerful predictive modeling tool for actuaries, analysts, and others whose jobs depend on understanding predictive relationships in their data.”

This new complimentary resource is geared towards actuarial students interested in gaining practical hands-on experience by building their own predictive models! Why is this beneficial? “Predictive modeling is critically important to the insurance industry, and its use in the industry continues to expand across lines of business and across insurance company operations,” states Chris Gross, CEO of Gross Consulting. While becoming familiar working with predictive models, students will develop valuable skills that can be added to their resumes and incorporated into talking points during job interviews!

So how can students get started? CAS Student Central members can access the software via the Career Resources tab. There they will find the software available for download, along with a dataset pulled from the website, and three videos that orient them on getting started with MultiRate, and interpreting MultiRate results. Not a CAS Student Central member yet? Join today to gain access to this valuable resource.

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A.M. Best & Insurance Careers Movement Host Industry Leader Town Hall

To kick off Insurance Careers Month, A.M. Best and the Insurance Careers Movement hosted an Industry Leader Town Hall on February 1, 2018.

The town hall covered a series of interviews done by industry leaders from various companies and organizations within the insurance sector. Among those represented were two CAS members, Brian Duperreault, President and CEO at American International Group and Matthew Mosher, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at A.M. Best.

Tune in below to listen to the advice they shared on careers within the insurance industry and more on the Insurance Careers Movement!

Career Advice and the Insurance Careers Movement: Brian Duperreault:

“Working in insurance requires a mix of analytic, technical and social skills, making it a surprisingly interesting and engaging career choice.”


Career Advice: Matt Mosher

“Look for a company that’s going to support you…build your foundation early.”


To become more familiar with Insurance Careers Month, see our announcement.

To watch the entire town hall, please refer to the webinar link.

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CAS President Brian Brown Visits University of Wisconsin – Madison

CAS President Brian Brown recently visited the University of Wisconsin – Madison, which was one of three schools recognized in 2017 as a winner of the CAS University Award.

Brown’s visit on February 5 included meetings with the officers of the school’s actuarial club and the department faculty, as well as a presentation to the actuarial club about career opportunities as a property-casualty actuary credentialed through the CAS.

“Undrakh (Uugii) Jargalsaikan, our Student Ambassador to Wisconsin, did an outstanding job arranging the meetings for the day. He is the first actuarial student who I’ve met from Mongolia. It is refreshing to meet so many wonderful people from around the world.”

University of Wisconsin – Madison has one of the largest actuarial science programs, with over 400 students. The meeting with faculty focused on how the CAS can provide more support of the schools mission to educate the next generation of actuaries.

But it was the meeting with actuarial club officers that Brown especially enjoyed. He commented, “I was amazed by the skill set of the actuarial officers. They all had great communication skills, have passed three exams and had one or two internships. I think we have a wonderful pipeline of candidates entering the profession from Wisconsin.”

Brown’s presentation to over 200 actuarial club members provided an overview of the CAS and the work that CAS members perform. The presentation engaged and intrigued the students, as evidenced by the many thoughtful questions they posed to Brown.

One of the highlights of Brown’s visit came after the presentation. As he explains, “At the end of my presentation, a number of students came up to talk to me one-on-one. Two sisters from Malaysia shared with me that they plan to study CAS material and then move back to Malaysia to work for a reinsurer. I was recently in Malaysia where I heard about the overwhelming demand for property and casualty actuaries due to detarrification and regulatory requirements regarding financial statements. I think their timing for being a property casualty actuary in Malaysia is perfect!”

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