New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring Actuaries!

As the calendar turns to January and the holiday festivities end, perhaps you will raise a toast to 2019 and, like many of us, make resolutions for the New Year. Sure, like many others you may resolve to eat healthier and exercise more, but what about some resolutions for your actuarial career?

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Webinar Recap: Your Actuarial Job Search – Guidance on Resumes, Interviews, and Networking!

Last month CAS Student Central hosted a webinar entitled, “Your Actuarial Job Search – Guidance on Resumes, Interviews, and Networking.”

The webinar featured presentations from three actuaries, Wesley Griffiths, Regina Kintana, and Mark Maenche, who each spoke about a different aspect of the job search. We have highlighted some of the tips they shared during the webinar! For the full presentation, you can view the webinar recording within the online community.

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2019 IABA Scholarship and Boot Camp Applications are now available!

The International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA) has recently launched its Scholarship and Boot Camp applications!

The application deadline for both programs is March 31, 2019.

IABA Scholarship

The IABA Scholarship Program provides scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate level for black students who are interested in pursuing actuarial careers.

In 2018, IABA awarded $114,000 to 36 students.  The scholarship award (ranging from $3,000 – 5,000) also includes a trip to IABA’s Annual Meeting and a stipend for passing exams during the award period.  Many scholarships also come with an internship or entry-level offer from some of the industry’s leading employers.

Eligibility info:

Application info:

IABA Boot Camp

The IABA Actuarial Boot Camp is the premier program for transitioning black actuarial students to the actuarial industry. The majority of our past attendees report that the Boot Camp was instrumental in confirming their interest in the career and helping them through the interview process. In many cases, they were introduced to their employer through their Boot Camp participation.  Visit the website for more information (

Eligibility & application info:

If you have any questions, please contact IABA’s Executive Director, Kate Weaver, at

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Honoring This Year’s CAS Trust Scholarship Recipients

Every year during the CAS Annual Conference, the recipients of the CAS Trust Scholarship are recognized in person and presented with an over-sized check by the CAS President. This year was no exception! Ann Pogrebitskiy – awarded $10, 000, and Kristen Marshall – awarded $5,000, traveled to Las Vegas for the event, and are each pictured below with CAS President Brian Brown.  Adam Lathan – awarded $5,000, was unable to attend the conference, so we surprised him with his check during a Gamma Iota Sigma meeting on campus, with the help of CAS Student Ambassador Jack Richards.

Ann Pogrebitskiy

Ann, this year’s $10,000 award recipient is a junior at The University of Nebraska – Lincoln double majoring in actuarial science and finance and minoring in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. “My experience receiving the Trust Scholarship at the 2018 CAS Annual Meeting was nothing short of amazing. Simply being in the presence of such a wide array of accomplished actuaries and getting the opportunity to connect with and hear stories from them broadened my view on the profession I have chosen and illustrated paths that I didn’t even know existed. Being honored by Brian Brown on the same stage that, less than an hour later, had dozens of new CAS Fellows walking across it inspired me and gave renewed motivation in my exam progress.”

Kristen Marshall

Kristen, recipient of a $5,000 award, is a senior at Illinois State University working towards a major in actuarial science and a minor in risk management & insurance. “I would like to thank the Casualty Actuarial Society as a recipient of the Trust Scholarship for the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas last month. I left with even a greater excitement for my future career after meeting many new faces and learning about the challenges facing the actuarial profession.”



Adam Lathan

Adam, recipient of a $5,000 award, is a student at Drake University majoring in actuarial science, data analytics and information systems. “I would like to say how wonderful it was being recognized on campus. Being unable to attend the annual meeting, it was tremendous having some of Drake’s most outstanding students recognize me at an actuarial event. I am continually enthralled by all the support from the CAS and Drake University over these last several months.”

For more information on how to apply for the 2019 – 2020 CAS Trust Scholarship, please view the announcement.

Applications are open through January 31, 2019. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the next CAS Trust Scholarship recipients!

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Attend the Drake Symposium on Insurance

Learn about the Drake Symposium on Insurance, the premier student actuarial conference hosted in Des Moines, Iowa on April 12-14, 2019.

What is it?

The Drake Symposium is a three-day event focused on developing future actuaries through stimulating discussions on current industry topics and networking events.

Friday evening will consist of a networking event hosted by Coaching Actuaries where students will be able to network with both visiting students and professionals who will be at the conference.

On Saturday, students will attend breakout speaker sessions covering a wide variety of topics from the insurance industry. Students will also convene for keynote speakers at both lunch and dinner, sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries, respectively.

Students will also have the chance to present to the case competition board with prize money available for the top few teams! This will help hone both the participants analytical and presentation skills, further developing them for an actuarial role in the future.

The last day will consist of another networking opportunity to connect with both visiting students and Drake University students, wrapping up by midday.

Who is it for?

The Drake Symposium is geared towards any actuarial student looking to learn more about the industry and make invaluable connections. Students may see if their local actuarial club or Gamma Iota Sigma chapter have members to send, helping reduce costs. Students can also register individually. A hotel room block ($120/night) has been reserved at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown for April 12-14, please contact for the link.

What does it cost?

Registration to the Symposium costs $30 per person before February 22, and $35 per person until March 8.

Want more information?

Find it here!

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