A Top Rated Career

So you want to be an actuary. Not just an actuary, a property and casualty actuary.

Amidst a vast sea of occupations challenged by the economy and dubious demand, this profession begs to differ. It boasts a minimal unemployment rate and offers robust job opportunities, great starting salaries that promise to keep growing significantly with hard-earned credentialing, flexible work-life balance, and career stability.

Furthermore, just ask CAS colleagues about this profession and they will likely tell you being a property and casualty actuary is rewarding, incentivizing, challenging, and fulfilling. And, it’s nice to be in demand!

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But don’t ask us, we might be biased.

Reference the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, the Jobs Rated Almanac, CNN Money, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others. No matter the source, the actuary field is rated consistently as one of the best jobs in America.Β In fact, few other occupations offer the combination of benefits that an actuarial career can offer – a positive work environment, a collaborative culture, positive employment outlook, job security, growth opportunity, and salary (especially salary for casualty actuaries). A career as an actuary is hard to beat. Smart move.

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