2016 ASNA Convention – Network, Connect, Learn and More

The Actuarial Students National Association (ASNA) is a student-led organization that was established by three individuals in 1990. It has now grown to include fourteen universities as member organizations. Our primary goal is to provide students a larger resource base, keeping them abreast with industry knowledge while they attend university, and to foster a dialogue between the member universities and professional organizations.

In its 26th year, ASNA has maintained its tradition of hosting a well-tailored annual convention that offers a unique experience for students. By attending the upcoming 2016 convention, you will hear from industry leaders about trending topics that concern and impact the actuarial field, as well as newly developed avenues where actuaries could provide their invaluable expertise. These seminars touch base on topics which you simply cannot learn in the confined walls of a classroom. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with recruiting and job placement firms that can help you stand out as a candidate in the competitive actuarial market. In addition to attending traditional events, you’ll also attend networking and cultural events. Such events highlight a different side of actuaries, their social nature, which is a must in the actuarial community of today. 

The upcoming 2016 ASNA Convention is being held in scenic Niagara Falls, January 8 – 10, 2016. The theme for this convention is “Redefining Risk”. Students attending the convention must get out of their comfort zone to make the most of the events that have been planned for you all. So here is some insight on how you can prepare yourself for key conference events. iStock_000052096866_Small.jpg

Actuarial Career Fair
Be a part of Canada’s largest actuarial career fair with 27+ sponsors participating in it. As the name suggests, it is not just a job fair but a very diverse stage to meet professionals from different blocks of the actuarial industry. Top employers use this platform to identify and interview their next intern or full-time candidate; recruiting sponsors are looking forward to building a relationship with you while you’re attaining your designation; and last but not the least, you could also meet education organizations, such as Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and speak with their top executives about the growth in the industry, the future of actuarial work, and the demand of actuaries. 

Suggestion: Set objectives on what you want to achieve in this career fair. If you are looking to secure a job, then research the companies who will most likely be interviewing. Find the field of practice of your interest and try to build your resume around that.

Professional Panel 
We bring together brilliant leaders from different disciplines of the industry on a single platform. They will share their experience and expertise with you, and also answer all your questions at this forum.

Suggestion: Know what the speakers’ backgrounds are and ask target-specific questions. Stay attentive and see what others have to ask. You will come out of this event with a wealth of knowledge and ideas, which will resonate with you for a lifetime.

Seminars & Career Scope 
This is the best medium to learn about the trending topics in the industry and get different perspectives on the subjects that might be of interest to you from the actuaries who work in related fields on a day-to-day basis.

Suggestion: Stay attentive and generate good questions for the speakers. This is another great learning opportunity and also a place to build a strong network with industry professionals by engaging in intelligent conversations. 

CAS Luncheon
After a busy Saturday morning, enjoy a sumptuous lunch sponsored by CAS. Nourish your mind with a keynote speech from the President of CAS that addresses new projects under development at CAS and the pressing topics in the global Property and Casualty industry.

Suggestion: Use this opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the Property and Casualty discipline within actuarial practice and see in what ways it interests you. Get to know more about the global value of CAS credentials.

Case Competition 
This is the best way to showcase your technical, communication, and teamwork skills in a single event. These cases are well developed to bring the best out of students and make the experience worthwhile. 

Suggestion: It is not about winning or losing, but rather about participating and gaining the experience. The synopsis of the case topic should provide you with sufficient knowledge to compete well amongst bright opponents.

Social Events 
The most enjoyed and cherished segment of the convention. A thrill-filled series of events on both nights of the weekend. This is where you will realize that actuaries are more than stats and numbers… We are people!

Suggestion: This is the best way to network with professionals and also students from different universities to build a stronger and wider social group. Have conversations in a relaxed environment and unwind while having fun and displaying your social side.

Registration for the 2016 ASNA Convention is now open on the ASNA website! 

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We hope to see you in Niagara Falls this January! All the best!

About Siddhesh Pawar:

Siddhesh Pawar is the President of ANEA-ASNA. He has previously conducted an internship at Manulife Financial and is currently interning at Munich RE in Toronto. Siddhesh will graduate in 2016 with an Actuarial Science and Statistic degree with the second concentration in Economics from University of Calgary. In addition to his studies, Siddhesh has held leadership positions at University’s Actuarial student club and their Tax Audit program in partnership with Canada Revenue Agency. 

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