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Throughout the year we will share articles specifically geared towards CAS Student Central Members. These articles are written by students, candidates, and members, and offer a variety of perspectives and insights on a range of topics including getting involved on campus, exam study tips, actuarial career guidance, and more!

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Spotlight on CAS Regional Affiliates

Ever wish the CAS were more … local? Unless you’re living around the D.C. metropolitan area, odds are it’s a long trip to CAS headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. To help with localization, the CAS recognizes 17 Regional Affiliate organizations, each with a unique approach to serving the P&C actuarial professional in their geographic area. Although » READ MORE

Making the Most of Your College Experience as an Actuarial Science Student

By Shobana Iyer

Starting your college education can be daunting for a variety of reasons. You’re introduced to a brand-new environment and exposed to endless new opportunities. When you add a tough line of study like actuarial science to the mix you can become overwhelmed pretty quickly. Some students avoid pursuing this major because they think they will » READ MORE

Being Out, Open and Proud in the Workplace

By Matt Gentile

It was my junior year of college when I finally decided to text my best friend one night, “I’m gay.” Though it was a freeing experience, I knew I’d have more choices to make about coming out going forward. During my first internship, I really wanted to receive a fulltime offer that would help make » READ MORE

How to Stay up to Date on current Industry News!

By Kate Niswander

In any profession, staying current with industry news is critical for career success.  In my role as marketing and communications manager at the CAS, I work with insurance industry publications to place CAS members for media interviews. These same publications can be a useful tool for members of CAS Student Central to keep informed about » READ MORE

A Student’s Perspective on Succeeding in the Actuarial Profession

By Jack Richards

Jack Richards, a senior at Drake University, reflects on what drew him to actuarial science and the tools that helped him succeed both in school and landing his first job.

Land Your Next Actuarial Internship: Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

By Elizabeth Owen

Application Season The application season for summer internships begins the preceding fall, typically starting in September and lasting until February. Highly competitive paid summer internships sometimes see deadlines as early as November. Acceptances generally begin rolling out in  January, so it’s important not to wait until the last minute to apply. You don’t have to wait » READ MORE

Rating Variables: What They Are and Why They Matter

By Kate Niswander

Accident History. Gender. Marital Status. Credit Score. What do these things have in common? They are all rating variables that an actuary might use to calculate your insurance premiums. The use of rating variables by actuaries and insurance companies is getting increased focus in state and federal legislative groups as well as in the media. » READ MORE

Making the Most of Your CAS Student Central Membership!

By Meghan Goldfarb

When I decided that I wanted to pursue actuarial science back in 2006, student resources were scarce and expensive. In fact, I was the one that told my professor that the first exam was no longer calculus (and hadn’t been since 1999). Now, thanks to CAS Student Central, there are tons of FREE resources out » READ MORE

Getting Involved Outside of Your University By Attending Insurance Conferences

By Tamar Gertner

Do you ever want to travel to cool places around the country? Do you want to meet and network with actuarial students from other universities? Do you want the opportunity to learn about insurance from seasoned industry professionals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should keep reading to learn about some » READ MORE

Study Techniques – The Practice Exam

By Ken Fikes

An important step in successfully preparing for an actuarial exam is taking practice exams. Before trying that first practice exam, it is important that you are fully prepared. You want to understand the material and have worked many practice problems. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your practice exams. First, you » READ MORE

Realizing My Dream – My Path to a Superpower Career

By Undrakh Jargalsaikhan

I’m an aspiring actuary and a college senior whose journey began in Mongolia where I grew up envisioning a future as a superhero. Let me take you back in time … to Mongolia. “Uugii, you’re too slow, the water is starting to spill and freeze into our hands. We need to go faster!” yelled my » READ MORE

New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring Actuaries!

By Ken Williams

As the calendar turns to January and the holiday festivities end, perhaps you will raise a toast to 2019 and, like many of us, make resolutions for the New Year. Sure, like many others you may resolve to eat healthier and exercise more, but what about some resolutions for your actuarial career? When I was » READ MORE

Cybersecurity for Everyone

By Ya Jia

Cyber risks are ever-present in our day-to-day lives and they continue to grow rapidly. Hackers take advantage of constantly evolving technology to find new ways to access the private data of major companies. For companies, it is less expensive to invest in cybersecurity than it is to clean up after a data breach. Without adequate » READ MORE

How I Succeeded on My Path to Becoming an Actuary and How you Can too

By Carlo Lahura

We invited CAS member Carlo Lahura, ACAS, to share his advice on being a successful actuarial student. Carlo is an expert in this subject, as he was able to graduate with a 3.8/4.0 GPA, held five actuarial internships, served five terms as actuarial club president, and passed 7 actuarial exams, all while earning his university » READ MORE

How I landed my Internship, and How You Can Too!

Meet Wendy Guerrero, a current senior at DePaul University where she serves as Treasurer of the Actuarial Science Club. In her pursuit for an actuarial internship, Wendy realized that without exam experience, she’d need to come up with a game plan to stand out to prospective employers. Read along to find out how she landed » READ MORE

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