Who We Are

The only actuarial organization in the world exclusively focused on property and casualty risks, the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) is the unparalleled gold standard of expertise, credibility and professional integrity for the casualty actuarial profession, known internationally as the field of general insurance.

For over 100 years, CAS has been the trusted resource and first place casualty actuaries turn to for continuous professional development and career advancement. Our credentials are unmatched for their rigor and relevance, and our value much appreciated by discerning employers.

What makes CAS unique is our depth of training, unparalleled salaries from CAS credentialing, and vast employment opportunities. Our promise to actuarial students in the casualty track is to provide a portal to helping you achieve your future full professional potential while maintaining the highest standards of conduct and competence. CAS will provide everything you need to thrive as you embark on a journey to join the more than 9,000 other credentialed casualty actuaries who have made the CAS their professional home.