The Actuarial Review is a bi-monthly magazine published by the CAS.

Actuarial Review, July-August 2019

This July-August issue includes articles on: Workers’ Compensation Trends: Forces Changing The Face of The Market, Five Laws of Hype for Actuaries, CAS President’s Message

Actuarial Review, May-June 2019

This May-June issue includes articles on: CAS President’s Message, Relations With the Society of Actuaries; What to Do When Your Results are Challenged; A View from Silicon Valley: How To Make Good on the Insurtech Promise

Actuarial Review, March-April 2019

This March-April issue includes articles on: Risky Business, Five Emerging Risks Worth Watching; Gear Up for that Dreaded Meeting; CAS President’s Message, Musings from Montreal

Actuarial Review, January-February 2019

This January-February issues includes articles on: Actuaries Have Many Roles to Play in a Changing World, Modeling Flood Risks: Opportunities and Challenges, and Programming Your Career.

Actuarial Review, November-December 2018

This November-December issue includes articles on: A final Thought in Support of the CAS-SOA Combination, Actuaries Pioneer Work in Climate Change and Using Generalized Linear Models to Develop Loss Triangles in Reserving.

Actuarial Review, September-October 2018

This September-October issue includes articles on: University Engagement Committee Programs Work for the  Future, Get to Know the 2018 CAS Trust scholarship Winners and The Benefits of Microinsurance

Actuarial Review, July-August 2018

This July-August issue includes articles on: The Future of the Actuarial Profession is in Good and Capable Hands Connecting Universities with CAS Members through the CAS University Liaison Program Summer’s Here and the Time is Right

Actuarial Review, May-June 2018

The May-June issue includes articles on: Driverless Utopia Presidents’ Message: It’s a Great Time to Be an Actuary It’s A Puzzlement: Day Trader And more!

Actuarial Review, March – April 2018

This March-April issue includes articles on: New Report Holds Keys to Diversity and Inclusion: Five Barriers Revealed Chefs and Actuaries  It’s a Puzzlement: Public Key Decryption Plus more!

Actuarial Review, January – February 2018

This January-February issue includes articles on: Get to Know the Trust Scholarship Winners! Actuaries Versus Artificial Intelligence: What do Actuaries Do? Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It. Plus more!