Watch Now: COVID-19: The Property-Casualty Perspective

Interested in learning about the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the P&C industry? Watch the recently recorded webinar, COVID-19: The Property-Casualty Perspective!


There are a number of questions that the P&C actuarial profession will face in the coming months and years. Among them:

  • The world has experienced disease outbreak before. What is different this time?
  • What is the potential impact from the COVID-19 pandemic on non-health lines of coverage?
  • Could the pandemic lead to new theories of liability which would ultimately be borne by insurers? If these new classes of lawsuit don’t go anywhere, what would be the potential cost?
  • Why might property lines see an impact from COVID-19?
  • The prognosis for the world economy is a global recession. What could this mean for profitability of the industry?

CAS Research Actuary Brian Fannin, ACAS, CSPA, MAAA, addresses all of these questions and walks through the details of a short research brief he wrote on the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the P&C industry.

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