You’re Invited: CAS Student Programs Overview!

By Maha Chaudhry
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What is one of the many perks about being a CAS Student Central Member?

Access to exclusive student programs held at CAS meetings and seminars! These one-day programs are offered at no cost throughout the year, and attendance is limited to Student Central members.

Why attend a CAS Student Program? They provide the opportunity to network with property and casualty actuaries, learn about the latest trends in the P&C actuarial industry, and listen to what CAS members have to say about being an actuary! They also include career development activities like mock interviews, resume reviews, speed networking, career panels, and professional headshots.

Attendance at CAS Student Programs will stand out on your resume, and provide you with talking points during your next interview with a P&C employer. We’ve even had Student Central members report that connections they made at our programs have directly led to job interviews, internships, and full-time jobs!

Read along below for a brief background on the student programs we host annually!

Across all CAS Student Programs you will find the following elements:

  • Student-specific sessions including: “An Introduction to the CAS and Property and Casualty” and “An Introduction to Reserving/Reinsurance/Ratemaking/Predictive Modeling,” the specific introductory topic depends on the focus of that seminar.
  •  Concurrent sessions on P&C industry topics presented within the larger CAS meeting or seminar.
  • CAS Mentors who help students navigate the seminar as they network and attend sessions together.
  • Career development sessions and activities

Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar (CLRS) Student Program

The Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar is centered on the discussion of relevant issues in loss reserving. The seminar provides insightful information over a range of topics to educate students in a number of related disciplines. Traditionally, loss reserving has been one of the two core actuarial functions, and the skills involved allow for the evaluation of an insurer’s financial health and solvency.

Ratemaking, Product, and Modeling Seminar (RPM) Student Program

The Ratemaking, Product, and Modeling Seminar student program offers a full day of activity that covers everything from an introduction to ratemaking concepts, to the applications of those concepts to various types of insurance. Ratemaking is the other core traditional actuarial function, and is concerned with quantifying the level of risk associated with an insured, allowing for the calculation of appropriate insurance rates and premiums.  In addition, the RPM Seminar addresses topics such as predictive analytics, an important and expanding area for actuaries.

Seminar on Reinsurance Student Program

Reinsurance – basically, the “insurance of insurance” – is an interesting area that most actuaries become involved with at some point in their careers. Interested in learning more about actuaries in reinsurance? Then this seminar is for you!

CAS Spring Meeting Student Program

The CAS hosts a student program during the Spring Meeting at which topics covering most any aspect of actuarial science and related risk issues may be presented. Students are invited to attend an entire day of non-stop learning, engaging, and networking!

Want to learn more, or attend a student program? Check the CAS Student Central website news section for updates on how and when to register for one of the events you may be interested in. Registration is currently open for the CLRS Student Program in Anaheim, CA September 6thlearn more.

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