How the Actuarial Profession Matches What Millennials Want

By Maha Chaudhry
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Do you belong to the millennial generation? If you were born between the years of 1982-2004, you are officially a part of the millennial club! What makes millennials so remarkable? Well, for one, you’ve been part of the generation that has witnessed technology transform – from pagers to cellphones, and in-person meetings to virtual conferences. Your aspirations are built on transformation. And perhaps you may believe in work beyond the day-to-day routine. You specifically look for meaning in your endeavors. Meaning in the workplace, which therefore satisfies your personal desire of growth and fulfilment.

According to Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business, 84% of millennials say that helping to make a positive difference in the world is more important than professional recognition. This also corresponds with Forbes’ number one rule for guiding millennials in the workplace – treat everyone as an individual. Learn the person’s goals. Figure out how best to use the person’s abilities. And coach for career development that reflects the millennial’s individual uniqueness.

For all the reasons above, and more, the actuarial profession is quite appealing to millennials. Because actuaries analyze the risk of cost and uncertainty, they play a vital and imperative role not only in their companies, but in society at large. Their findings make an impact so great, it can mitigate potentially great losses and make a person whole in times of catastrophe. A typical day is usually never the same – actuaries are continuously assessing various models, theories, and concepts. Actuaries also have a great deal of flexibility and work life balance, hence, low stress! No surprise that actuary made it to Business Insider’s list of 32 high-paying jobs for people who don’t like stress.

Let’s not forget making a positive difference – actuaries do just that! With their specific certifications and level of advancement, actuaries are constantly on a mission to prevent mishaps from causing long-lasting harm. And because the role is exclusive to those who complete the standard certification process, only so many individuals are certified to do what they do. Millennials also enjoy having a strong support system, and as an actuary, you are surrounded by a community of individuals who support you and help you advance in your profession – those, who like you, completed the assessments and went through the journey of becoming an actuary.

How can you succeed at becoming an actuary?

  • Stay connected! Use your resources. CAS Student Central was designed for future actuaries to advance to their highest and greatest potential. We support you every step of the way by providing free study tools and resources, to getting you connected with actuaries in your region, schools, or community.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date and in the loop about exam changes and requirements. CAS is constantly updating its website to reflect the most current exam information, including exam dates and registration.
  • Do your research! Now that you know an actuary is a pretty good career choice for millennials/young professionals, examine why it might specifically suit you! Read about actuaries in the news, and learn about their day to day routines, which you can do this through Student Central as well. As a millennial, you can be the actuary of the future!

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