CAS Profile: Allison Barnes

CAS Profile – Allison Barnes
Allison Barnes is a Career Changer.

Where do you work and what is your position?
Actuarial Analyst, CNA Insurance

In what field or actuarial concentration do you work in now?
Specialty Pricing, Financial Institutions

What job did you do or industry did you work in before becoming an actuary?
I was a high school math teacher for 5 years.

Why did you decide to change careers and become an actuary?
While I loved being a teacher, I knew I was seeking more in my career than teaching the same material and lessons over and over again. I was seeking a greater challenge in a career where I could use the skills I had for math and problem solving to make actual changes in the business world, a topic I would often discuss with my own students. Through investigating the actuarial field and talking to other actuaries, I came to see this is a profession with highly intelligent and motivated professionals who are applying those problem solving skills every day. In this career, I have the best of both worlds in which I experience growing in my technical skills, completing projects that I put my hard work into, but also communicating with business partners, giving presentations, and interacting with a great group of coworkers. It is truly a career for all sorts of personalities which I had never known before I met a wide variety of actuarial professionals.

What advice do you have for others who are considering a similar career change?
Don’t be afraid to network with people in the profession. The actuarial community is incredibly supportive. These conversations can show you what this career offers.

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