Earning Exam 2 Credit: Student Notification

The CAS will grant credit for Exam 2 to those who have successfully completed one of the examinations listed in the chart below. Students who earn credit for Exam FM through the SOA’s University-Earned Credit (UEC) program will receive credit for Exam 2, just as candidates who pass Exam FM can obtain credit. Students taking eligible courses in Fall 2022 will have their credit accepted.

Credit provided through the UEC program represents that a student has demonstrated the knowledge and mastery of the content material that a student passing the same exam has demonstrated.

Students without UEC opportunities will continue to follow the traditional exam pathway. Students and candidates should complete the Exam Status Change Form and submit a copy of your SOA transcript to have your exam credits added to your CAS profile.

For questions regarding this announcement, please contact CASstudentcentral@casact.org. For questions related to your Exam Status Change Form, please contact the CAS Administrative and Customer Support Team at ACS@casact.org.

Options for Obtaining Exam 2 Credit

Organization Examination
Actuarial Society of South Africa A211, Mathematics for Finance
Actuaries Institute (Australia) CM1, Actuarial Mathematics 1
Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) University Accreditation Program credit for Financial Mathematics1
China Association of Actuaries CAA, A2 Interest Theory
Institute of Actuaries of India CM1, Actuarial Mathematics 1
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (U.K.) CM1, Actuarial Mathematics 1
Society of Actuaries Exam FM, Financial Mathematics


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