International Students

International Student FAQs

Are you a student attending university outside of the United States? CAS recognizes your scores from many different international organizations; more details are available on the Preliminary Examinations page.

The CAS also offers resources for international students and candidates, including fee discounts for your exams and study kits. Below you can find the commonly asked questions and answers about the CAS fee discount program:

I am a candidate and want to know if I qualify for the fee discount program?
If you are living in a foreign country on our list of qualifying countries, you can apply to the fee discount program, as long as you meet the other requirements found on the CAS website.

I have filled out my application for the fee discount, what is next?
Email the application to Worby McNamee and he will process the registration and send you a registration form for the current exam sitting.

Are there discounted study kits?
Yes, you should email Worby McNamee using the same contact information for a fee discount order form.

How much are the fee discount exams?
It depends on if you work in the financial field or not, look at the second page of the exam registration form, and see which price bracket you fall into.

I have a question regarding waivers and the process, what do I do?
The CAS website has more information about waivers and the process.