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Your road to career success starts now – with the strategic curriculum you enroll in, the technical tools you hone while in school, and the general business skills you acquire. CAS is focused on your future by guiding students through a strong academic foundation and preparing you with the essential technical and workplace readiness skills for employment.

The CAS developed a Curriculum Guide to help you identify experiences to seek out while in college to prepare for a future career as an actuary. You can read the sections of the guide by clicking on the topics under Academic Foundation, Technical Toolkit, and Workplace Readiness. Members of Student Central can also download the complete CAS Curriculum Guide.

We’ve also provided tips and guidance on landing the job, including help on cover letters, resume pointers, interviewing, and even dress do’s and don’ts. You are welcome to visit the CAS Career Center to see the jobs currently being advertised to CAS members.

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Casualty Actuarial Society Curriculum Guide