Membership Benefits

How can joining CAS Student Central help guide you to a career as an actuary?

CAS Student Central is all about providing value to you. Your membership features:

  • No membership fee – We know students feel the pinch when it comes to campus living and other expenses, so we’re not going to add to them.
  • Exclusive resources – These include study aids, skill-building tips, the CAS Curriculum Guide, and a series of property and casualty case study recordings. 
  • Free webinars – CAS conducts topic-specific online sessions specifically for actuarial students, such as effective job interview techniques for an entry level actuarial job.
  • Invitations to networking events – We will provide opportunities for you to spend time with property and casualty actuaries, such as our Student Programs at CAS meetings and seminars
  • Online community – Stay connected with a community of over 3,000 like-minded students nearly 400 universities who are also pursuing careers as property and casualty actuaries. Find out how many CAS Student Central members already hail from your university.
  • The CAS lending library – Borrow required reading and other resources from our extensive library.
  • The CAS membership directory – Through this online tool, we can help you make the connections that you want to make with practicing property and casualty actuaries.
  • Automatic annual membership renewal – We want to keep things as easy possible for you; you can opt out anytime if you want.

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