Hot and Cold Solution – March 2014

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The uniform temperature change implies the following:

  1. Winter average temperature = coldest + (hottest - coldest)/8   
  2. Summer average temperature = hottest - (hottest - coldest)/8

From F = (9/5)C + 32, it is easy to check that the average winter temperature is –40 Fahrenheit or Celsius. From K = C + 273.15 the average summer temperature is 574.5875 Fahrenheit or Kelvin. Using these equations, the (average) temperature on the Hottest Day is 677.019 Fahrenheit, and the temperature on the Coldest Day is –142.431 Fahrenheit.

“The temperature on the Hottest Day” means the highest temperature on that day, and similarly, “the temperature on the Coldest Day” means the lowest temperature. To get the average temperature on either of these days, you would need to know the number of days in the year.