The Actuary’s Perspective: CAS Releases a Series of Informational Videos

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The Casualty Actuarial Society is excited to announce the release of a series of short videos, titled The Actuary’s Perspective, that will help you gain a stronger understanding of the actuarial profession. In each video, Fellows of the CAS provide a first-hand perspective on working as an actuary and advice for those pursuing an actuarial career.

Watch The Actuary's Perspective video series, covering a variety of important topics:

The Actuary’s Perspective: The Top Ten Reasons to Be an Actuary
Actuary is consistently ranked as one of the best careers in the United States. In this video, actuaries list the top reasons why their career is #1.  
The Actuary’s Perspective: Career Advice for College Students
From coursework, to extracurricular activities, this video advises students on the skills and experiences that are important to pursue while in college.

The Actuary’s Perspective: The Exams
In this video, members discuss the CAS examination system that will provide you with credentials that are unmatched for their rigor and relevance, as well as the value in becoming a member of the CAS.

The Actuary’s Perspective: The Career Path and Opportunities
This video discusses the different functions of an actuary and possible career paths in the property and casualty field.