How COVID-19 Brought Me Closer to the Tightly-Knit Actuarial Community

Over the past few months, we have all experienced COVID’s toll. As students, we have seen internships and job offers rescinded, watched on-campus professional development opportunities disappear, and have felt the periodic realization that the best four years of our lives have been placed on hold.

“Insuring” Your Career Against Pandemic Risk

The COVID-19 Pandemic is potentially the single most transformational event to occur to the U. S. Economy since the Great Depression of the 20th Century. What that means for the job market and the property & casualty insurance industry remains unclear.

How to Stay up to Date on current Industry News!

In any profession, staying current with industry news is critical for career success.  In my role as marketing and communications manager at the CAS, I work with insurance industry publications to place CAS members for media interviews. These same publications can be a useful tool for members of CAS Student Central to keep informed about » READ MORE

Actuarial Students: Stay Sharp and On Track While at Home!

CAS Student Central members, our thoughts and support are with you during this challenging time. To help you stay sharp and on track while home for the remainder of the semester, we’ve compiled the following list of resources to check out!

A Student’s Perspective on Succeeding in the Actuarial Profession

Jack Richards, a senior at Drake University, reflects on what drew him to actuarial science and the tools that helped him succeed both in school and landing his first job.

2019 Fall CAS Student Central Webinar- How to Pass Your Actuarial Exams: Learn More, Study Less

Last month the CAS and ACTEX Learning hosted a webinar for Student Central members entitled, “How to Pass Your Actuarial Exams: Learn More, Study Less.” The webinar featured Roy Ju, FSA, CERA, MAAA, Mike Jennings, FSA, CERA and Ken Williams FCAS, MAAA, CAS Staff Actuary.

CAS at the Gamma Iota Sigma Annual Conference

The CAS was proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) Annual International Conference in Dallas in late September, joining more than 625 faculty and students from 65 colleges and universities across North America and 400 industry professionals, for three days of inspired educational sessions, a career fair with 80 exhibitors, » READ MORE

The CAS Trust Scholarship: Expanding its Reach and Impact in the P&C Actuarial Industry

Fall is upon us again, and university students have been back in the classroom for a few weeks now. With the new academic year also come exciting changes to the CAS Trust Scholarship that will not only increase the awards available for college students, but also help position the CAS as the premier actuarial society » READ MORE

Rating Variables: What They Are and Why They Matter

Accident History. Gender. Marital Status. Credit Score. What do these things have in common? They are all rating variables that an actuary might use to calculate your insurance premiums.

Catch up on the Latest Student Central Webinar!

Last month CAS Student Central hosted a webinar entitled, “Your Actuarial Job Search – Guidance on Resumes, Interviews, and Networking.” Read along for highlights as well as more information on previous and future webinars!

Making the Most of Your CAS Student Central Membership!

Are you making the most out of your membership? Learn more about what CAS Student Central provides to its members, through its FREE membership program!

Getting Involved Outside of Your University By Attending Insurance Conferences

Do you ever want to travel to cool places around the country? Do you want to meet and network with actuarial students from other universities? Do you want the opportunity to learn about insurance from seasoned industry professionals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should keep reading to learn about some » READ MORE

Realizing My Dream – My Path to a Superpower Career

I’m an aspiring actuary and a college senior whose journey began in Mongolia where I grew up envisioning a future as a superhero.

New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring Actuaries!

As the calendar turns to January and the holiday festivities end, perhaps you will raise a toast to 2019 and, like many of us, make resolutions for the New Year. Sure, like many others you may resolve to eat healthier and exercise more, but what about some resolutions for your actuarial career?

Webinar Recap: Your Actuarial Job Search – Guidance on Resumes, Interviews, and Networking!

Last month CAS Student Central hosted a webinar entitled, “Your Actuarial Job Search – Guidance on Resumes, Interviews, and Networking.” The webinar featured presentations from three actuaries, Wesley Griffiths, Regina Kintana, and Mark Maenche, who each spoke about a different aspect of the job search. We have highlighted some of the tips they shared during » READ MORE

An Interview with the International Association of Black Actuaries and the Organization of Latino Actuaries

The lack of racial diversity in the actuarial profession is staggering. Here, representatives from the International Association of Black Actuaries and the Organization of Latino Actuaries talk about what they do and how all actuaries can get involved.

Misbehaving is good! (Behavorial Economics Book Review)

In Richard H. Thaler’s book, Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics, Thaler walks the reader through the research and papers that are the foundations of behavioral economics. He does this through amusing anecdotes, examples, and well-explained experiments. Read on for a small sampling…

A Tale of Two Sittings (TBE Review)

A comparison of the initial Exam 5 TBE sitting and the make-up exam that followed.

Actuaries Working Abroad

As the world becomes increasingly more global and inter-connected, CAS actuaries are able to find more international work opportunities. Read on for interviews with Celeste Bremen and Lucia Batista and their experiences of working overseas while still pursuing their FCAS designations!

From TBE to TBD

So…how about that TBE?

Preparing for TBE

Technology-based examination (TBE) is finally here! Are you ready? I am…except for one little detail. Check out what it’s been like for me preparing for the future of our exams.

Get to Know The CAS Institute

CAS Student Central sat down with Amy Brener, director of The CAS Institute (iCAS), to get responses to some of your frequently asked questions about iCAS and the Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA) credential. What is The CAS Institute? The CAS Institute – or iCAS for short – is a subsidiary of the CAS. » READ MORE

Ask an Actuary – David Wright Part 2: Being a Catastrophe Modeler

I hope we didn’t keep you in suspense for too long after our previous blog on How a Catastrophe Model Works. Today we have the second part of my interview with David Wright, ACAS, CFA: Being a Catastrophe Modeler.

Ask an Actuary – David Wright Part 1: How a Catastrophe Model Works

Hurricanes! Cyber risk! Hail storms! Catastrophe modeling sounds dramatic and exciting; is it really that crazy? I chatted with Beach Group’s Head of Analytics in North America and host of the Not Unreasonable podcast to find out. David Wright, ACAS, CFA, breaks down how a cat model works.

CAS Trust Scholarship – Winner Experience and How to Apply

In addition to up to $10,000 toward their educations, CAS Trust Scholarship winners are invited to attend the CAS Annual Meeting each year. Read about a current winner’s experience at the 2017 CAS Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA, in November. Then learn how you or someone you know can apply!

Actuaries in Non-traditional Roles: Robotics and Cognitive Computing

It’s an exciting time to be an actuary. The use of big data and advanced analytics are on the rise, and this gives actuaries a chance to change the way they approach actuarial analysis. Read on for an interview with Catherine Cao, FCAS and her role in Robotics and Cognitive Computing!

Exam 9 Integrative Question Grading Process

For the first time this spring, candidates taking Exam 9 were given an Integrative Question (IQ), which tests multiple areas of the syllabus. We spoke with Syllabus and Examination Committee Chair William Wilder to learn more about the grading process for this new type of question.

Q&A With The Authors of Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More, Study Less

If someone told you one could study less and learn better, would you believe them? Would you be willing to know how this might be possible? Roy Ju, the youngest FSA in SOA history, and Mike Jennings, FSA claim to have the answer.

Welcome Back!

We have several topics to fill the upcoming season, and we want to hear your thoughts, too!

Get Connected With Your CAS Regional Affiliates

Curious to know how you can make the most of your CAS Student Membership? Learn how to get connected with your regional affiliates and stay on top of the latest information! Read More

Shape the Future of the CAS Online Experience

Before you decided to become an actuary, did you do some online research to find out more about the profession? Was one of your resources And did you sometimes struggle to find what you were looking for within the CAS website? For many actuaries, the answers to all of the above is yes.

Student Central Webinar Recap: Landing Your First Actuarial Job

Student Central Webinar Recap: Landing Your First Actuarial Job By Arnulfo Moreno Last week we had our spring Student Central webinar focused on helping you land your first actuarial job or internship. Our panel was composed of a broad spectrum of recruiting experts. Log in and read the complete blog post in the online community. » READ MORE

The Last Month: Tips on Healthy Living While Performing Optimally

Every actuarial student feels the pressure when there is less than a month left until exam day. We sometimes feel that it is the time to give it all, which makes us neglect our physical and mental health, thinking “I will catch up on it after the exam.” However, we should not consider studying and » READ MORE

Verifying Your CAS Profile, Preliminary Exam and VEE Credits

Verifying Your CAS Profile, Preliminary Exam and VEE Credits By Lucia Batista, ACAS Wondering whether you have a CAS profile? Well, CAS Student Central Members, congratulations, you are a step ahead, as you already created a member profile with the CAS when you joined Student Central! However, we know that having a member profile doesn’t » READ MORE

Developing Oneself as a Holistic Actuary

Developing Oneself as a Holistic Actuary By Jacob Akstins As an actuarial student, it may seem that the path to success (employment, credentials, and more) is solely based on academic achievement. Students are often under the assumption that if they pass X exams and have Y GPA, they will be able to score a coveted » READ MORE

Justin Young Joins Candidate Liaison Committee, Plans to Communicate Candidate Frustrations

For our final profile of new CLC members, today we introduce you to Justin Young, with interests ranging from mathematical art to sports and trivia. Justin hopes to be a voice for the candidate experience. Read More

John Klodnicki Joins CLC, Looking to Bring a Fresh Perspective as a Recent College Student

Being a recent graduate from University of Delaware, John is looking forward to provide a fresh perspective to the CAS from a college student’s point of view, and bring along new ideas for the Future Fellows newsletter to communicate important changes to candidates. Read More

Celeste Bremen Joins Candidate Liaison Committee, Hopes to Bring Global Perspective

We have the privilege of introducing Celeste Bremen to you as one of the incoming Candidate Representatives. Celeste is an actuarial analyst at Zurich North America, and she has been appointed to a two-year term on the committee. Read More